Inventory Management Software

Inventory Management Software

Fishbowl, the #1 inventory management software for QuickBooks, offers multi-location tracking, manufacturing, barcoding and more. Also runs standalone for inventory management for Manufacturing, Warehouse and Asset Tracking.


The modules

Fishbowl Manufacturing (FBM)
Fishbowl Manufacturing (FBM) offers advanced work orders, manufacture orders, bills of materials, and other tools you need to maximize efficiency in your production process. Whether you have simple or more complex manufacturing needs, Fishbowl Manufacturing is a great solution for you.
FBM’s popular features include:
• Automated custom, batch, and repair work orders
• Lot tracking and serial number tracking in work orders
• Work order instructions
• Multilevel bill of materials
• Bill of materials costs
• Available to build calculations
• Manufacture order to purchase order functionality
Fishbowl Warehouse
FBW has the ability to track inventory across multiple locations. If you have more than one warehouse, store, and/or office, you can always check up-to-date inventory levels by location. This helps you know when you need to make transfers from one to another and also plan for sales trends.
Fishbowl Warehouse helps you:
• Easily generate and print barcodes
• Automate the reordering process
• Quickly pick, pack, and ship products
• Track and receive shipments efficiently
• QuickBooks
• QuickBooks Online
• Xero
• Magento
• Salesforce etc

Licensing Options:

All user licenses are concurrent user and non-expiring which gives you permanent ownership of the software and it becomes even more cost-efficient the more users you add. Renew annually for continued access to support and software updates. Even if you don’t renew after a year, you will still own the software and have access to it forever.